The Grand Tour and Tuscany

There was a time when The British people used to take a year’s leave from their chores or tasks to come over to Italy and experience life, customs and food, in a word, to experience the Italian lifestyle and learn out of it how to enjoy life.

The experience was usually lived by high class, noble people able to support themselves through the year and was meant to be “formative”, i.e able to shape and refine the young’s mind and habits.

Many people did it and most of them contributed to implement Italy’s reputation as the place to be and possibly to live in, starting a long lasting tradition of travelling up and down the coasts and the mountains and the art cities of our beautiful “boot shaped” country.

Florence, in Tuscany, was among the most sought after cities in Italy and there wasn’t a single person who did not dream of going and staying there, walking along the streets, visiting the Cathedral and immerging into Renaissance art.

Pisa and its leaning tower, was a wonder to any single person who came to be there for the day or for a longer period.

The most experienced and the best travelled, once visited these exceptional trademarks of the region, started exploring less known and more authentic places like Versilia and its coastline up to the Cinque Terre, staying at people’s homes or at newly born hotels that enriched the Riviera.

The season then lasted from May to October and snatch and grab tourism was very far away and literally unknown.

Time passes and people change habits but still looking for authenticity and real experiences and here we go with trekking on the Carrara quarries,

or surfing on the Mediterranean Sea,

but still wanting cosy, familiar places and comfy rooms, where to stay with your children and beloved ones, where to stay and learn how to live the Italian way.

Come and learn, come and stay at

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